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Multi-Threading ElBierros connection to IRC

UPDATE This update is finished! Sadly not with the expected result, but bot already got faster by like 40%.

ElBierro was never intended to host sooo many streams, but well, now there are more than 1300 streamers ElBierro is serving at the moment. ElBierro connects with one connection and joins all these 1300 streams and that one process as to process all the incoming messages. Thats not very effective, especially with all the PCG streamers using the PCG module. Thats why I gotta rebuild the bots connection to Twitch to be multi-threaded.

On Friday, I'll re-do the connection to Twitch Chat and split the bot up to initially 20 connections. That means, that at the current state around 70 streamers are on each connection. This should speed up the bot A TON since the workload of processing messages is spread out from 1 to 20 workers. Imagine it like in a factory.. 20 people produce more parts than just a single person.

With that and yesterdays PCG module re-write, the bot should be future-proof for now. :)

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Making the Bot rejoin your channel

ElBierro will attempt to (re)join your channel when you go live or when you login on its website. This way, if you renamed your channel, at the latest at that point the Bot should be back in your channel again. If you are not live, just loggin out and back in on the website should have the same result.

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PCG module updated

7.5 hours of work is done!

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Introducing Bot-A-Thons

Told it today on stream.. but also for you guys: I'll probably start soon to do a monthly "Bot-A-Thon" on my channel (wopiTV) (since ElBierro is a verified bot, I may not stream on that account, so gotta do it on mine).

Its like Sub-A-Thon - just for the Bot.

I plan to develop at least 6 hours on stream. You guys in Chat can influence what features I do while streaming. Stream gets extended by Donations/Subs/Bits/Support in CaptainTV games, so the more support gets in, the longer I work on the bots ToDo list. Sure, there will be sleep breaks, but as long support comes in I'll code also for days. :)

I do not have enough time to work on ElBierro features since I rely on paid work and this might be a nice way to fund ElBierro a bit while I work on making the bot better and better. :)

I really dislike making "Sellout-Streams", but for the bot and the development work I feel its worth it. Details and date for the first bot-a-thon soon.

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