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Core functionality of ElBierro

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#2 In Progress New Navigation
ElBierro requires a way better navigation.
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#3 Document support
Better documentations for ways to support ElBierro, including listing the current and future perks available for supporting ElBierro.
0 / 30
#13 Sounds
Allow upload and management of sound files. Write JavaScript to allow other modules access to sound files.
0 / 480
#14 Graphics
Allow upload and management of image files. Generate thumbnails and frontend JavaScript for implementation in other modules.
0 / 480
#15 Refresh Token-Handling
ElBierro updates automatically refresh access tokens when they expire. Thats a wrong approach. They should update only when required.
0 / 120
#24 Viewer login
Creating a two level login, so that viewers can login to ElBierro without granting all the privileges required for streamers. Base task to create viewer features on ElBierro.
0 / 480
#35 Evaluate OBS WebSockets integration
Evaluate, if ElBierro actually could communicate via OBS WebSockets so i could offer controlling Scenes/Sources via ElBierros modules
0 / 200
#42 Documentation Twitch Scopes
Documentate, how ElBierro is using the requested Twitch permissions .
0 / 60
#43 Worker for heavy jobs
Heavy jobs which do a lot of read/write operations on the database need to move to a seperate worker.
0 / 240
#44 Responsive secondary menus
On channel- and module pages the secondary menus should work properly.
0 / 120
#50 Role management
Streamers can assign roles, so that moderators also can edit settings on the ElBierro website.
0 / 750
#52 Split outgoing queues
Currently there is only one queue for outgoing messages. This needs to be split into multiple queues (Twitch, Discord, Internal, Telegram, ...). This will make the performance of the bot way better.
0 / 200
#0 Finished Roadmap
This roadmap, so everyone can see whats planned for ElBierro and supporters also can change the course of development.
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#0 Finished [BUG] Channel language after onboarding
When a streamer signs up the first time the bot needs to optain the streams set language to not write in english when the language is set to german.
0 / 15