This is a list of tasks i have on my to-do list for ElBierro. I most likely will them in the order displayed. If credits are spent on a goal, i will most probably move it up in the order. If a goal is completed, it is guaranteed i'll work on that next.

With Credits you can change the priority of these tasks. I am changing the order manually. Credits are given out for any kind of monetary support.

Top Epic Task Credits
#1 StreamElements In ProgressImplement Donations
Allow ElBierro to work with StreamElements donations (e.g. to credit points for them in the Points System)
6 / 150
#2 Core In ProgressNew Navigation
ElBierro requires a way better navigation.
0 / 0
#3 Core Document support
Better documentations for ways to support ElBierro, including listing the current and future perks available for supporting ElBierro.
0 / 30
#4 Bierro Talk In ProgressBierro Talk
Bierro Talk core functionality - Database and Frontend
0 / 450
#5 Giveaways Multi ticket Giveaways with channel points
Multi ticket Giveaways with channel points
0 / 240
#6 Points Heist
Bierr Talk controlled heists for points
0 / 120
#7 Points !gamble
Enable gambling with points.
1 / 30
#8 Points Add missing features
In the leaderboard some functionality is missing
0 / 120
#9 Points Convert Twitch Channel Points to ElBierro Points
Offer possibility to create Twitch Channel Points rewards via ElBierro which will credit ElBierro points system credits to the viewer.
0 / 120
#10 Alerts Alerts (Core)
Core for alerts on stream (queue, overlay)
0 / 300
#11 Giveaways Quickstart Giveaways
Offer possibility to quick start giveaways (free or channel point ones) without opening the big giveaway form
0 / 120
#12 Points Block users
Possibility to block users from gaining points. Mainly to not have bots in the top ranks.
0 / 45
#13 Core Sounds
Allow upload and management of sound files. Write JavaScript to allow other modules access to sound files.
0 / 480
#14 Core Graphics
Allow upload and management of image files. Generate thumbnails and frontend JavaScript for implementation in other modules.
0 / 480
#15 Core Refresh Token-Handling
ElBierro updates automatically refresh access tokens when they expire. Thats a wrong approach. They should update only when required.
0 / 120
#16 Bets Bett results in Overlay
Show results and stats (Top winners? Points payout) in overlay after a bet is finished
0 / 240
#17 Giveaways !giveaway
!giveaway command which displays currently running giveaways and links to the giveaway overview page
0 / 60
#18 Points Import Streamlabs points
Import points from Streamlabs to a ElBierro currency
1 / 150
#19 Giveaways Documentation
I need to create a documentation for the giveaway system
0 / 45
#20 Stream Raiders Documentation
Document the already available features for Stream Raiders captains.
2 / 30
#21 The Grid Refactor The Grid
The Grid is an old module, which should be refactored to the current state of ElBierros base.
0 / 180
#22 The Grid Create Grids on your own
Give streamers the ability to create Grids on their own.
0 / 480
#23 The Grid Documentation
Documentation of The Grid
0 / 45
#24 Core Viewer login
Creating a two level login, so that viewers can login to ElBierro without granting all the privileges required for streamers. Base task to create viewer features on ElBierro.
0 / 480
#25 Giveaways Viewers also can participate in giveaways via the website.
Viewers also can participate in giveaways via the website. Till now viewers only can participate via Twitch chat or via Twitch Channel Points.
0 / 240
#26 Bets Viewers also can bet on the website.
Viewers also can bet on the website.
0 / 120
#27 BITTT BITTT Core: Triggers
Modular core to define triggers for actions
0 / 480
#28 BITTT BITTT Core: Actions
Modular core to make it possible to select actions for triggers
0 / 480
#29 BITTT BITTT Core: Conditions
Define conditions/requirements for executing actions after triggers.
0 / 360
#30 BITTT Action: Alert
Trigger stream alert
0 / 30
#31 BITTT Trigger: Chat messages
Chat messages as triggers. "Starts with", "Ends with", "Contains" or "Exact match"
0 / 120
#32 BITTT Action: IFTTT
Connect to IFTTT-API to trigger actions there
0 / 480
#33 BITTT Trigger: IFTTT
Creating an API to make it possible to trigger ElBierro-Actions from IFTTT
0 / 480
#34 Discord Rules for the ElBierro Discord
Write down some actual rules for the Discord and automatically give out roles.
0 / 30
#35 Core Evaluate OBS WebSockets integration
Evaluate, if ElBierro actually could communicate via OBS WebSockets so i could offer controlling Scenes/Sources via ElBierros modules
0 / 200
#36 Points !top commands
Commands which will list the users with the most points in the chat.
0 / 120
#37 Points Transaction statement
In the background, the points system is already logging each transaction, like on a bank statement. You should be able to view those statements.
0 / 120
#38 Discord Connect Discord to ElBierro
Allows users to connect their Discord account to ElBierro. This is base for more Discord based features of ElBierro.
0 / 60
#39 Discord Live role in Discord
I want that ElBierro supporters are displayed on top of the user list in Discord when they are live.
0 / 90
#40 Bets Dynamic Payout Rates
Payouts are dynamically set based on the outcome of previous games of the bet.
0 / 960
#41 Patreon Link Patreon account
With the ability to link a Patreon account ElBierro could automatically unlock perks for supporters and give out roles on Discord.
0 / 60
#42 Core Documentation Twitch Scopes
Documentate, how ElBierro is using the requested Twitch permissions .
0 / 60
#43 Core Worker for heavy jobs
Heavy jobs which do a lot of read/write operations on the database need to move to a seperate worker.
0 / 240
#44 Core Responsive secondary menus
On channel- and module pages the secondary menus should work properly.
0 / 120
#45 Music Connect spotify API
Streamer should be able to connect their spotify account to ElBierro so they can use music related features
1 / 240
#46 Music Spotify: Get current playing track
To work with the data, ElBierro should know what track is currently playing in the streamers Spotify. This data can be displayed in the overlay and in chat. =>
1 / 100
#47 Music BITTT rigger: Song is playing
Give streamers the possibility to create triggers for single tracks or for artists when they are being played, for example to credit the artist and link to their Twitch/Website.
2 / 120
#48 Music VLC: Get current playing file
Grab data for the current playing file from VLC Media player => =-==
0 / 180
#49 Music WACUP (Winamp): Get current playing song
Create endpoint for WACUP (former Winamp) to post the current playing track.
0 / 60
#50 Core Role management
Streamers can assign roles, so that moderators also can edit settings on the ElBierro website.
0 / 750
#51 Bets Undo wrong bet finish
When the wrong option was chosen to finish a bet, make it possible to undo it.
0 / 250
#52 Core Split outgoing queues
Currently there is only one queue for outgoing messages. This needs to be split into multiple queues (Twitch, Discord, Internal, Telegram, ...). This will make the performance of the bot way better.
0 / 200
#53 Giveaways 1 tickets Giveaways should not report errors
The bot should ommit the error message, when a user tries to get a second ticket in one ticket giveaways.
0 / 60