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All music related features

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#45 Connect spotify API
Streamer should be able to connect their spotify account to ElBierro so they can use music related features
1 / 240
#46 Spotify: Get current playing track
To work with the data, ElBierro should know what track is currently playing in the streamers Spotify. This data can be displayed in the overlay and in chat. =>
1 / 100
#47 BITTT rigger: Song is playing
Give streamers the possibility to create triggers for single tracks or for artists when they are being played, for example to credit the artist and link to their Twitch/Website.
2 / 120
#48 VLC: Get current playing file
Grab data for the current playing file from VLC Media player => =-==
0 / 180
#49 WACUP (Winamp): Get current playing song
Create endpoint for WACUP (former Winamp) to post the current playing track.
0 / 60