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What is the ElBierro Bets System?

The ElBierro Bets System allows you to create bets. The points, your users accumulate with the Points System, can be used in bets to make even more points - or lose them.

You are defining the title of the bet and its options, which your players can bet on. Each option has its own payout rate, so you can reward betting on risky options more.

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What does a bet consist of?

A bet has a title and an optional description. Each bet has at least two options to bet on. Each option has its own payout. So if you set the payout on 2.5, the player gets 2.5 times of his bet back. That means, on a 500 points bet he gets 1250 points back - if that option wins.

Ech bet option has its own "command key.". Thats the keyword, users have to use when betting on the option in chat. More on that in the chat commands section of this post.

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Can i run multiple bets at once?

This is not possible.

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How do i integrate the overlay into my stream?

Click in your Bets system overview on the "" button to get the URL you have to implement as Browser Source in OBS (or any other streaming software).

I suggest implementing it with 450 pixels width and at least 800 pixels height.

In case, you are having trouble, you can contact me on Discord. Support for implementing the browser source is available for Tier 1 and higher Patreons.

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Whats the difference between the simple and the extended overlay?

While the simple overlay only shows the command, the extended overlay also displays the title of the bet options..

Simple overlay

Simple overlay

Extended overlay

Extended overlay
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Which chat commands do exist?

To participate in a bet, you have to enter !bet [command] [bet], where [command] is the command key of the option you're betting on and [bet] is the amount of points you want to bet.

Example: !bet yes 1500 will bet 1500 points on the option "yes".

These commands exist for the broadcaster and channel moderators:

  • !bet start [id]
    This will start the bet with the ID [id], for example !bet start 10. You can find the ID of your bets in your bets overview.
  • !bet stop
    Will close a running bet early. After this, ElBierro does not accept any bets anymore.
  • !bet finish [command]
    Finishes the bet and pays out winners. Replace [command] with the winning command. Example: When !bet yes was right, use !bet finish yes
  • !bet cancel
    Cancels the bet and refunds already payed bets.

The broadcaster can also send these commands via Twitch-Whisper to ElBierro. ElBierro will still only reply in the stream chat.

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To-do list

  • Display the weekly and monthly top players per bet. This is already written in the database, but not yet viewable on the page.
  • After finishing a bet, maybe show some kind of summary screen on the overlay?!
  • Have an extended overlay, which also shows the descripiton for each option
  • Make it possible to show top lists on the overlay?!
  • !mybets Command to show own/others bet statistics
  • One should be able to delete games.