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What are simple commands?

With a simple command you just define the command to enter in chat and the bots response to it. Its simple as that! :-)

You can also create a simple command using Bierro Talk. You can read here how Bierro Talk is working.

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What are command aliases?

When you have a command like !donation, you sometimes want it also to be reachable with other commands like !donate. With creating an alias you do not need to create copies of one command and also edit each of them when changes are required.

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Which settings are available?

With each command you can define who can use the command (Everyone? Subs? VIPs? Mods? The streamer only?) and how often they can do so. Please be aware that moderators and the streamer are not affected by cooldowns. Some special commands have features that only work for moderators and the streamer.

There are two types of cooldowns - the user cooldown and the global cooldown. The user cooldown defines the time in seconds a single user has to wait, till he can repeat using this command. The global cooldown defines, how long it takes, till someone in chat can use the command after someone used it.

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Support the bot by enabling !elbierro and/or !bot

You would help me alot to enable the !elbierro and/or !bot command(s) in your channel. These commands will display a short info about the bot and link to its website. You're helping me in getting more audience to the bot and possibly finding more supporters.

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What are special commands?

Special commands are offering special functionality which you can assign to a command for your channel.

See below to read what each available special command does.

Special commands are soon replaced with more user-friendly solutions.

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Special Command: Count up/down Bierro Talk Channel Variables

With that command you can count up Bierro Talk Channel Variables.

Examples, you could set up !deaths as your command, for example to count your deaths in a game. You use then the Channel Variable deaths. If you want, ElBierro also can message chat after raising the value. For that, just define a response. You can use Bierro Talk in that response. Example: "I died [[deaths]] times!"

Moderators and the Broadcaster also can use these commands to modify any Channel Variable there is:

  • !+deaths (Raises the counter by one)
  • !-deaths (Reduces the counter by one)
  • !=deaths 42 (Sets the counter value to 42)

You can use these commands with any Channel Variable. You also can whisper these commands to the bot to change the Channel Variable values (broadcaster only). This way you can implement buttons on your stream deck to raise/lower the value.

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Special Command: Escape From Tarkov - Price query

This special command queries the Tarkov-Market database for the flea market price of the given item. It also works with the international names for most items.

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Special Command: Hype Train

If ElBierro did see a hype train on your channel, ElBierro will display the level of the most recent Hype Train. ElBierro also states, if the next Hype Train is ready to depart or how long it'll take till it is ready to go. During a Hype Train it displays data about the current Hype Train.

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Special Command: Multi Link

This command can be used to generate multi stream links. If you're joining other streamers on a collab stream, you can tell this command which streamers are participating. When a user enters the command, ElBierro will display a multistream link with all these streamers.

In these examples i assume that !multi was set as the command for this.

  • !multi
    Shows the current multistream link when there is a multistream going on - otherwise the bot tells, that there is no collab stream running.
  • !multi [Streamer1 [Streamer2 [Streamer3 [...]]]]
    Tells the bot, which streamers you are collaborating with at the moment. It is a space sepeared list of up to 7 streamers. You do not need to add your own name. This is only available to Mods and the streamer.
  • !multi -
    Tells the bot that the collab stream ended. This is only available to Mods and the streamer.

When you end stream, the multistream link will be reset automatically. ElBierro generates links at the moment - in the future it will have its own multistrema player.

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Special Command: Uptime

Uptime displays the length of your current stream. If you are offline, it displays when your last stream ended.

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Manage chat commands from chat

This is not available, yet, but will be asap.

On your chat commands settings you are able to enable the !ebc command. This command enables you to add, edit and delete chat commands. Commands created this way are created with default settings. For permissions and cooldown fine-tuning please edit the command on the website.

Default settings: Useable by everyone, 5 seconds global cooldown, 30 seconds user cooldown.

Why !ebc?
Lots of streamers use multiple bots which use !cmd or !commands to manage chat commands. To avoid conflicts, for ElBierro its !ebc (short for ElBierro Commands).


  • !ebc create [!command] [!response]
    This creates the !command. If you want the command !test to respond with "Hello world!", you'd type !ebc create !test Hello world!.
    If the command already exists, this will fail.

  • !ebc edit [!command] [!response]
    This edits the !command. If you want the command !test to respond with "Hello world!", you'd type !ebc edit !test Hello world!.
    If the command does not exist yet, this will fail.

  • !ebc rename [!command] [!newname]
    This renames the !command. If you want the command !test to be changed to !new while keeping its response and settings, you'd type !ebc rename !test !new.

  • !ebc delete [!command]
    This deletes the !command. If you want the command !test to be removed, you'd type !ebc delete !test.

  • !ebc cooldown [!command] [global] [user]
    This sets the cooldown for the given !command. If you want the command !test to have a global cooldown of 60 seconds and a user cooldown of 300 seconds, you'd type !ebc cooldown !test 60 300.
    If the command does not exist yet, this will fail. It only accepts numeric values for the cooldowns in seconds.

  • !ebc enable [!command]
    Enables a command. Example: !ebc enable !test enables the command !test.

  • !ebc disable [!command]
    Disables a command, so it can't be used without deleting it. Example: !ebc disable !test disables the command !test.

You can send these commands for your own channel also via Twitch whisper to ElBierro.
You also can enable !ebc to be used by your channel moderators, but they can not use the commands via whisper.

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Can I control commands also via whisper?

All of your commands can also be used via whisper to the bot by you. The bot will still respond in your streams chat.

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Whats planned in the future for commands?

This chat commands module is made very simple, just to be able to create simple commands. In a second edition it will be more a "If-this-then-that"-thing. You can define events (Follows, Subscriptions, Donations, Cheers, Channel reward redemptions, Chat commands and other things) which will trigger actions (Like text in chat, adding/deducting points, showing an alert with sound and/or images and other things).