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Whats the concept of ElBierro

In short: ElBierro is not meant to be a mass product. With ElBierro selected streamers will get personal support via Discord and can ask for features/customizations for all ElBierro users. While finished features of ElBierro are free to use for everyone, personal support and new feature requests are premium services for supporters.

Features are developed in a simple and effective way. The website has no fancy interface or lots of magical things - the features just work.

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Why was ElBierro created?

Since I am a child I love computers and development. I develop now websites since 2002. Since I love also Twitch Streaming I decided, I want to develop stuff that helps me and others with their streams and communities. Also, other integrations are often buggy or have a bad support. I want to give good personal support to ElBierros users. So here is ElBierro, where I can dedicate my passion for developing helpful tools to another passion of mine: Twitch. That passion makes sure, that all features of ElBierro will be awesome!

Since I want to do this full time, i have to put up the sell out via the described support options below. In return I will be transparent about the progress of the development.

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How does the Discord support work?

  • The ElBierro Discord has a public area for general chat and support. In these channels i wll be activly supporting when i've got the time. These are available in german and english.
  • The Discord also has a general area for Tier 1 supporters. This area is prioritized over the general area. Supporters can ask here for support and request features.
  • The Discord also has a Tier 2/3 Supporters Area. Here, each supporting streamer has its own channel where he gets personal support and can request features or customizations. These channels have the highest priority in terms of replies and reaction times. This is limited to 100 channels/streamers. Tier 2/3 Pledgers also get support for other services they use related to their channel - i help, where i can!
    The Bets system for example was created completly on request for a streamer. Looking forward to do more features!

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How does supporting via Patreon work?

I chose to use Patreon for processing recurring payments. Its fairly easy and offers payments with Credit Card and PayPal.

  • Head over to your Patreon App Integrations Settings and link your Discord account to Patreon. From this point, Patreon is able to add your Discord roles on ElBierros Discord automatically. Patreon offers more info on this in this article.
  • Join the ElBierro Discord if you haven't already
  • Head over to ElBierros Patreon Page and do your pledge of your choice.
  • If you pledge on Tier 2 or Tier 3, i will contact you via discord (if you joined the ElBierro Discord) to set up your private support channel.
  • As a Tier 2 or Tier 3 supporter, you will gain early access to new features before they are released to the public.

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I do not want to pledge on Patreon, what else can I do?

For one time support payments you can donate via StreamElements.
You will also receive 1 credits for each euro donated which you can invest goals, which will be implemented soon. For that to work, please use your Twitch username in the donation.

You want to support another way? Contact me on my Discord. We'll find a way to get you into the supporter ranks!

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I want a feature exclusive for my channel

Contact me via Discord. You can hire me for your feature. You'll get an invoice for the services delivered.