The ElBierro points system allows you, to reward your viewers with points for various activities. Its base for other ElBierro features.


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Whats the Points System?

The Points System makes it possible to create virtual currencies. These virtual currencies can be used for various other tools and games on ElBierro.

You also can set up rewards for chat activity and channel support on each currency you create.

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How is the Points System working?

You can access the Points System in Your Dashboard. There you can activate it with one click.

As soon it is enabled, you can create currencies.

After creating the currency you can configure the activity and support rewards which are given out automatically.

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How does rewarding donations work?

If you get your donations via StreamLabs, you can just use the Streamlabs integration. As soon, as you linked your Streamlabs account with ElBierro, activate inside the Donations tab the collection of donation data.

Soon available: Collecting and rewarding StreamElements donations.

You're getting your donatins another way? Contact me in the ElBierro Discord,when you're at least a Tier 1 Patreon supporter. I will try to find a solution to collect also data for the donations your receive.

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Which chat commands do exist?

For each currency there is exactly one chat command - it consists of your plural name of your currency. For example, if your currency is "Credits", the commands are !credits or !givecredits

With this example, the commands do the following:

  • !credits
    Shows your point count and your leaderboard position.
  • !credits [user]
    Shows the amount of points [user] has and on which position of the leaderboard he/she/it is.
  • !credits [user] [amount] {reason}
    Books [amount] points from/to [user]. {reason} is optional and will be shown in the transaction overview, like !credits wopiTV 10000 The points you won!.
    [amount] can also be a negative to deduct points.
    This command can only be used by the broadcaster and channel moderators.
  • !credits $chat [amount] {reason}
    Books [amount] points to everyone in chat. Same syntax as single user bookings.
  • !givecredits @[target user] [amount]
    You are gifting [amount] of your Credits to [target user]. You have to prefix the target username with an @, as usernames on twitch also can contain only numeric characters, to avoid confusion.
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Where can the points of the Points System be used?

Right now, you only can use the points on the bets system. More features, like giveaways, will be coming very soon.

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Which features are planned for the Points System?

  • The Points System requires some more features in the user list/leaderboard. It misses paginating through the leaderboard, searching for users or adding/removing points from/to users on the web interface.
  • In the background, the points system is already logging each transaction, like on a bank statement. You can view those statements very soon.
  • A command to give points to all viewers is missing - user2user also.
  • Enabling whisper commands for the broadcaster
  • Top 10 command for chat?